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MoreLoans4U is a Loan Officer Marketing System

Turn Realtor® and FSBO listings into your own source of mortgage leads.
Inviting Agents to utilize the power of the SPS Property Marketing system, provides them with a highly valuable marketing system - and its all provided by you.

Get More Leads and Get More Loans

MoreLoans4U is a mortgage marketing solution for Loan Officers.

Your account gives you the ability to invite Agents to utilize the power of the Single Property Sites marketing system - and its all provided by you!

It's easy to get Agents involved

Setup Agents and invite them to use your service, or use a use a special 'sign up now' form that can be on your own website where Agents can sign up with you directly. A login form can also be placed on your own website to allow Agents to login via your personal website.

Benefits to You

  • Build high-value interactive relationships with Agents and FSBOs (For Sale By Owner)
  • Co-market listings - transform every listing into a lead generation machine for you.
  • Get directly in front of Buyers
  • Generate and co-manage leads
  • Simple and easy to use system that automates processes for you
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Create a predictable and affordable marketing program to generate quality leads.

  • Place your advertising banners that link to your squeeze pages, on unlimited highly targeted property websites
  • Get your marketing message in front of more potential home buyers
  • Capture more financing leads with direct exposure to the Buyers market
White label means it's all about 'you', not about 'us'.
Involve everyone

Features to Help You

  • Create Financing Options which are then appropriately applied to each property
  • Multiple Lead Capture methods
  • Generate your own Financing leads and get copied on all property inquiries
  • Add your own pages to property sites to show your own lead capture forms
  • Add Banner Ads to promote your services and generate leads
  • It's your Solution - you are in control!

Key Features for Loan Officers:

  • Automate your Finance Options
  • Apply Banner-Ads across property sites
  • White Label presentation
  • White Label User Guides for your Agents
  • Agent self-registration forms
  • For one, or many LOs

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