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Common Q and A about Mortgage Marketing with MoreLoans4U

Moreloans4U is a white-label mortgage marketing system that is designed for Lenders and Loan Officers, to help you build relationships with Realtors and FSBOs .. AND market your loan services direct to the buyer market to generate leads for yourself!

It does this by helping you to co-market properties with Realtors and FSBOs... providing a leading edge Property Marketing system to Agents that they see as a solution entirely provided by you.

Realtors are looking for a mortgage professional with more than just great rates and excellent service - and by providing them with a system that actually helps them Win and Market Listings automatically you become an irreplaceable team member.

The solution they use is branded and presented as YOUR solution. However, under the covers, the service is powered by SPS (Single Property Sites) Property Marketing system. SPS was established in 2004 and is used by real estate professionals across the USA, Canada and 47 other countries around the world. SPS is renowned for its ease of use, effectiveness and quality of service and support.

More Loans 4uAll the SPS branding is removed so that Agents see the solution as provided by you! - and we won't solicit your clients.

With Moreloans4U you can become a true partner to your Realtors by offering them a unique valuable solution:

  • Turn Realtor Listings into Leads for you
  • Co-market listings
  • Co-manage leads
  • Become the preferred lender for Realtors!

See how it all works here.

The first step is to call or email your Agents. The MoreLoans4U system has marketing support materials designed to help you show Agents how you can help them win listings and market them with a complete property marketing system.

This includes flyers, presentations and videos.

There is even a guided movie tutorial for you to show you how to present it.

The Agent Webinar program will introduce agents to the system and get them excited about using your new property marketing system.

To get started, click here to create your account.

As you create your account, you will be shown the various parts of the system.

Your new account includes an example site too.

None at all.

The Site Builder Wizard produces Single Property Sites for you. There’s no coding involved. And with the Fast-Foto System, there’s no photo editing required either! Fast-Foto automatically re-sizes and optimizing photos for your Single Property Site. You can literally take pictures straight from your camera and put them on the Web – no effort required!

Yes. Our technicians can import all your properties from your current service.

Please contact us to discuss this service.

The migration service will import all the following data for you automatically:
All property textual data, all property images, all agent contact data, agent photo, brokerage office details and logos, sponsor details.

As property, agent, office and sponsor data is imported, it will be correctly setup in your new account and will establish the relationships between Agents and properties, and Agents and Loan Officers as needed.

Once Agents are signed up, make sure they get all their listings imported and looking great. Make sure that they have sign riders and, where ever possible, make sure they have uploaded high resolution images as this will make their property really stand out.

You should also ensure that your profile is complete so that you are presented well on each property site as the sponsor. If you can, get a Banner-ad Campaign setup so that you get additional lead capture and branding benefits with all properties. There is a great library of banner-ads to choose from if you don't have your own.

Now, work with your Agents on their next Listing presentation to help them win the listing. Some LOs have found it to be very productive to offer to assist the Agent with their next listing presentation - playing the role of the marketing assistant!
This means creating a Property Website for the seller - and using the FreeView™ service to share this with them.

Check out the listing presentation flyers and presentations that are available for the Agent to use and do a dry run with them.

If you can help Agents like this - they will win nearly all every listing and you will end up with an extremely loyal Agent!

There is no limit to the number of Agents you can add to your account. The cost of the MoreLoans4U service is related to the number of property suites Published, not the number of Agents.

Yes! Many Loan Officers and Agents too, use our system to market to FSBOs.

Creating sites for FSBO sellers is a great way of building a relationship with the seller. You can brand the site with their information too, giving them a valuable service. And with SPS FreeView, you don't have to pay for anything until you choose to activate the site.

Once the site is Published, you will have yet another source for lead capture and referrals.

If the Agents listing is in their MLS, then all you need is the MLS Number. The Import system simply asks for a MLS number and then the whole property site is set up in about 40 seconds.

Don't forget to encourage the Agent to upload high resolution photos as otherwise the property sites uses photos from the MLS which are often low quality and small.

Since 2004, Single Property Sites has been the industry's leading real estate marketing solution helping Realtors to showcase EACH listing as a unique single property website. Realtors use SPS to help win listings and also to automate the marketing and promotion of listings.

First of all, SPS helps to ensure Agents never lose a listing again. It helps them impress potential clients and so that they can convert sales "leads" to "listings" - and this is a free part of the SPS service.

The SPS Listing Importer or Site Builder Wizard helps to create beautiful unique websites for a single listing.
If this is for a pre-listing presentation, then this is free. The agent can use FreeView™, a feature unique to SPS, to send their potential client a preview link of the listing website site. Again, at this stage this is all for free.

Once the Agent wins the listing contract, they will then market the listing and make the Listing Site LIVE using an available Marketing plan in your subscription.

SPS then automatically syndicates the listing to all our partner sites, makes the site live on the Internet and also helps the Agent to get exposure on sites such as Craigslist with our Automated Craigslist Poster.

Essentially - SPS has everything an Agent needs to both win and then market the Listing.

With the MoreLoans4U offering of SPS, Loan Officers can now offer this powerful SPS marketing system to their Real Estate Agent clients and FSBOs as their own branded marketing service.

See features of Single Property Websites here

If a property is already on the MLS, it can be imported instantly. In less than 1 minute you will have a stunning Single Property Website, complete with Virtual Tour - all ready to go!

Every aspect of the SPS system has been designed to be as easy as possible to use. You can setup a complete Single Property Site AND give it massive exposure at sites including Trulia, and Craigslist in literally a matter of minutes.

We utilize some very unique technologies such as our FastFoto system that makes every fast and automated. For example, with FastFoto you can upload any number of megapixel images all at once and it takes just a few moments!

Our clients tell us that what they love about the SPS system is its ease of use, which saves them TONS of time (=money!).

Our system helps you to setup stunning Single Property Sites that are branded with the Listing Agent's information (and possible Co-lister) and all YOUR company and personal information too as the sponsoring Loan Officer. You can even present up to 7 different banner ads which provide additional ways to market your services.

All sites feature huge, expanding photos and all the listing data. There are dozens of different templates to choose from, and you can even use your own custom-branded template.

Click here to see example #1 and example #2 Single Property website that shows Banner-Ads, Agent Details and a Sponsoring Loan Officer.

Each site will present Sponsors details, banner-ads and Listing Agent information, as well as:

  • Property address, pricing and MLS details
  • High-resolution photos and photo descriptions (as many as you want!)
  • Property details (number of rooms etc)
  • Property description and summary
  • Marketing tag line for the property and selling points
  • Virtual tour link
  • Auto-generated Schools link, map Link, Aerial View, Whats-close and demographics links
  • Additional links in a special "Links" page
  • Home search link
  • Multiple documents that you upload
  • Embedded Video
  • Click-to-call services on every site
  • QR Codes
  • Unlimited EXTRA pages - add what ever you want!
  • and much more...

More capability is constantly being added as requested by our clients.

Click here to see a summary of all features.

SPS makes it easy to syndicate listing data everywhere where buyers are looking!

As soon as you turn ON a site SPS will automatically take over and attempt to market the listing everywhere it can.

Here are some ways in which the SPS system AUTOMATICALLY helps you to promote your property across the web and elsewhere!

  • Syndication of listing data to Trulia, Zillow and more
  • TEXT messaging flyers for drive-by buyers
  • Mobile version of your Web page
  • Beautiful HTML Craigslist Property Flyers automatically created and posted with a few mouse clicks
  • Sign riders with your domain name
  • PDF Flyer Generation
  • Embeddable Widgets and maps with your properties for your personal or other websites

Call Capture, 800 Recorded Information and SMS TEXT flyersOnce you have built your site, you will have the chance to purchase a sign rider (this is an optional service).

Sign riders can be ordered with a variety of options.


We will deliver you a 6" x 24" or 6" x 18" solid, bright-white, flexible plastic board (about 4mm thick) that goes on top of your For Sale sign, directing customers to your SinglePropertySite for this property.

These are high quality real estate sign riders - not corrugated board.

Signs can include any of the following:

  • Choice of colors
  • QR Code
  • 1-800 Call Capture number and Extension Code for IVR
  • SMS TEXT short code instructions
  • Property address URL
  • Custom message

Attaching your Sign Rider

You may need sign rider clips, or holes drilled to attach your sign rider.

When you order, you can specify top and bottom holes which will be pre-drilled at no extra charge.


Your sign rider will be created within 1 business day and shipped directly to you using USPS, to arrive within 4 to 5 business days after your initial order.

Mobile Property WebsiteEach time you create a Single Property Website, we automatically create a mobile version exclusively formatted for the mobile platform. This makes it easy for buyers to view your property information directly from their phone's browser, wherever they may be.

We support Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Tablets.

Mobile Property Websites are generated automatically with all the following information:

  • Home page with main property photo
  • Your contact details prominently displayed with phone number links
  • Property Photos page
  • Contact Form
  • Showing Request form
  • Map

Buyers can access the mobile property website by

  • using the regular web address or link to your property site - the system will detect the mobile device and show the mobile website
  • QR code
  • SMS text or call-in to the 1-800 number - all these methods send back a SMS text message with a link to the mobile site.

Learn more..

By helping Agents market their properties, you are helping them with a tangible high-value marketing service.
This benefits you in two distinct ways:

  1. More high quality Lead Referrals from Realtors
  2. Generate more mortgage leads and inquiries directly to you

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When you set up an account with MoreLoans4U, one of the very first options you will see is to establish your own Service Branding.
This is designed to support you in two key areas:

When Marketing the Property
When each property website is displayed, it will have a reference to your business (not MoreLoans4U or SPS) so it helps you show other agents what you can do for them and preserves your branding.

When Agents (or other LOs) access their account
When an Agent logs in to manage their listings etc, the service can be branded with your logo.
The service even be hosted under your own unique domain name or third level domain - for example if you have website like - then your Listing Marketing system could be accessed as, or similar.

You will then have your own branded LOGIN page for your Agents (and any other LOs in your team).

There are a large number of features designed to specifically support lead generation for Loan Officers:

  • Co-marketing of every listing with a "Sponsorship' spot by the LO
  • Addition of up to 8 banner ads spots that can link through to any URL you choose
  • Pre-qualification lead capture form
  • Finance Options and Mortgage comparison page
  • Add unlimited additional pages for embedding your own movie links, frame your own website or lead capture pages
  • Ability to view all leads generated from your Agents listings

When any lead or inquiry is generated from any aspect of the system (1-800 call in, SMS text, property website) these are all immediately sent out as alerts:

  1. Inquiries that relate to the property will be sent directly to the agent representing the listing. They will receive and Email alert. If they choose to do so in their Profile settings they can also receive a SMS text alert too.
    Any Loan Officer associated with the property as the Sponsor will be emailed a copy of the lead alert.
  2. Inquiries that relate to Loans or Financing will be sent directly to the Loan Officer associated with the property. The Agent is not copied on these.

A MoreLoans4U account can support any number of Loan Officers and Agents, all included with the membership fee being paid.
So, if you choose, you can set up access for additional LOs in the account. Each will get their own private login and the ability to invite and add Agents that will be working with them. As the Master User (account owner), you maintain overall control and visibility of everything.

This then allows additional LOs to work with Agents - and all of this is covered with the single monthly fee that covers everything.

MoreLoans4U is a unique membership-based service that makes it very affordable to provide a marketing solution to multiple Loan officers and Agents for co-marketing listings.

Set up as many LOs, or co-marketing Realtors as you need and let them all create Listing Sites - and use the FreeView™ service to impress sellers. Agents will never lose a listing again. There is no charge for FreeView within your account.

To Publish property websites (i.e. make them "live") and market listings, you will need a membership, based on the number of Listings you need to have Published during the month.
TheMoreLoans4U Mortgage Marketing Program starts with a membership level 10, @ $49 per month. A Level 250 costs $160 per month.

Everything is included!

Click here to see ALL available membership plans!

Choose your Membership based on the number of Listings you need to have Published and being marketed at any time.

You can turn-OFF a listing at anytime and immediately re-use your subscription to Publish any other Listing.
In addition, all your sold / rented etc properties stay Live for FREE.

There's no contract and you can decrease, or increase your membership subscription plan at any time.

Click here for our pricing plans.

There are several ways in which you can share costs with realtors

  1. MoreLoans4U includes a method that allow you to charge Realtors a fee for Publishing each site. This fee can be set by you and the system will handle it all automatically. Reports show the fees paid by Realtors
  2. Agents can purchase the additional items such as Sign Riders.
  3. Agents may choose to buy unique domain names for their property sites rather than use the free sub-domain ones provided.

MoreLoans4U is fully supported in all 50 States, Canada and the UK.

The only international issues we have relate to the IVR phone and SMS services. These all work in Canada and in the UK

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