White-label mortgage marketing system for your whole company.

MoreLoans4U Mortgage Marketing program is YOUR solution for all your LOs.

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Lender Marketing System

A Single Marketing Solution For All Your Business

MoreLoans4U Mortgage Marketing program gives you a high-value, white-label property marketing system that will make it easy for your entire business or team of LOs to form and grow relationships with more Real Estate Agents, and generate more business.

Whether this is just for a small team, or a multi-branch enterprise, MoreLoans4U can scale to meet your needs with a multi-user hierarchical solution, where you still get to set rules for control and compliance.

Mortgage Marketing with MoreTitle4u

One Account with One Low Monthly Fee

It's easy to provide a team of Loan Officers, or everyone in your office, or even at different branches, with the MoreLoans4U property Co-Marketing solution.

Create Branches and/or Teams to group Loan Officers together.

A single membership account lets you support any number of Branches, Loan Officers, Agents or FSBOs.

Each LO in your office can have their own login to this single account, and create their own team of Agents that they are working with.

Your Mortgage Business name and services are prominently displayed on all property websites.

Recruitment and retention of loan officers

Help Your Loan Officers Dominate Their Market

Grow your business, and recruit and retain more Loan Officers, with your own-brand property marketing and lead capture system.

  • Single platform for all Loan Officers each working with their own Agents and FSBOs
  • Control property marketing, branding and communications
  • Allow Loan Officers to work with Agents to purchase property domain names and sign riders
White label is all about 'you', not about 'us'.
Involve everyone

Your Own-Brand Solution

A branded solution will allow all Loan Officers to work with Agents and market listings within the framework of your branded dashboard.
Your brand will be effectively deployed across the following areas of the service:

  • Branding of the dashboard control panel for all logged-in users
  • Domain name access of the service – i.e. the service is presented on your own chosen domain name
  • Communications to Loan Officers and Agents will come from your domain and email addresses
  • 'Service by..' credits' on property sites will show service as being provided by you
  • And, even single sign-on via your corporate intranet site

Working With Agents

MoreLoans4U puts you in control:

  • You decide which Loan Officers have access
  • You decide how Agents can use the service
  • You can take care of marketing without Agents needing to be involved

Loan Officers may create Agent accounts and invite Agents to use the service.

Alternatively, you can integrate the MoreLoans4U service with your company or personal websites with a custom 'sign up now' form (widget), where Agents can choose a Loan Officer and create an account.

A similar login form (widget) allows Agents to login via your website.

Maintain Control and Compliance

The Master User is able to set policies and controls for all the following:

  • Multiple financing options that will be applied to properties
  • Login access permissions across all users
  • Permissions generally and for each user (e.g. Agents) that controls use of resources
  • Set limitations on Agents for activating sites
  • Require Agents to pay for services
  • Application of banner ads across all sites in account. These can be 'dynamic' so that the campaign can be established centrally, but the 'click-to' link will dynamically reflect parameters such as the Sponsoring Loan Officer's own website URL
  • Default settings for templates
  • Reporting

Sharing Costs

The MoreLoans4U Solution includes a unique payment system that can be used to additionally charge Agents a one-time fee on a per-listing basis which generates revenues directly to you as the account owner.

The method would require an Agent to pay each time they wished to publish a live property site. The amount paid by Agents is set by you (e.g. $1, $2, $5 etc.) and the payment is made using PayPal. All funds go to your PayPal account.

Lead Management

Leads and inquiries will be distributed directly as email and instant SMS alerts.
However, our lead export API will allow the export of leads or inquiries directly to your own CRM system if you choose.


MoreLoans4U allows you to deploy a single solution with a hierarchical multi-user account structure, with private logins, across your entire organization!

Key Features for Lenders and Offices

  • Automate your Finance Options
  • Apply Banner-Ads across property sites
  • White Label presentation
  • White Label User Guides for your Agents
  • Agent self-registration forms
  • For one, or many LOs

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