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Agent Marketing with Single Property Sites for Loan Officers properties

Help Agents win more listings and sell them faster

MoreLoans4U includes a complete Property and Agent Marketing solution, making it easy for you to transform Agents into loyal referral partners.

Real Estate Marketing - Automated!

Provide Agents with a complete Real Estate Marketing solution!

Tools include beautiful, responsive single property websites, listing presentations, 1-800 and SMS lead capture, YouTube videos, social media promotion, Craigslist flyers, virtual tours, open house registration forms and feedback - and a lot more!

  • Webinars and Presentations provide a complete done-for-you listing toolkit that will help any Agent win every listing.
  • Automated property marketing ensure listings get maximum exposure.
Now you have a unique value proposition for attracting Realtors®.
How it works
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Introducing Mortgage Marketing with MoreLoans4U

Benefits to Agents

  • It's easy to win more listings
  • Agents can Impress Sellers with a FreeView™ - before they even meet!
  • Put the Sellers home 'Front-and-Center' in their Marketing Plan
  • Show Sellers they are different!
  • Excite Sellers with their own website and domain name
  • It's easy for the Agent to Stand Out from the crowd
  • Huge reduction in time and effort of marketing listings

Benefits to Sellers

  • Impressive, professional spotlight on their home
  • Maximum exposure to drive-by traffic in the neighborhood
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week advertising and virtual "Open House"
  • 100% exclusive focus on their property
  • Massive Exposure of listing across the Internet

Benefits to Buyers

  • Fastest way to find property details online
  • A rich, comprehensive resource for research
  • Easiest way to research homes for sale
  • Gives immediate access to the fullest amount of information
  • Allow buyers to make informed decisions

Agent Marketing - Key Features:

  • Import listings makes setup fast
  • Add unlimited HD images
  • Virtual Tour and Video
  • Huge online exposure
  • Mobile Marketing features included
  • Lead generation

Property & Agent Marketing

Agent marketing tools and resources from SPS (Single Property Sites) are made fully available to all your Agent partners, helping them to win listings and then automate property marketing to get listings sold faster.

Win More Referral Partners

Its easy to invite and add agents to your account. Automated property import and sync services make the system highly automated for you.

Loan Officers are shown as Sponsors on all property websites - it's all automated, and you stay in control.

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