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MoreLoans4U makes it easy for YOU to offer professional marketing support to every FSBO.

MoreLoans4U helps Loan Officers provide free marketing assistance to FSBOs with an effective marketing solution for their property.

MoreLoans4U help you with a complete solution dedicated to marketing and selling the FSBO's listing using all the features of SPS Property Marketing.

By helping each FSBO with marketing their home, you are transforming their listing into your own exclusive source for leads and inquiries, both for loans and for you real estate partners too!

As a Loan Officer you can provide all of this to the FSBO and more. You'll not only save them time and money, but a lot of trouble as well. And in return, the FSBO, will provide you with a steady stream of interested buyers who are looking to purchase a home.

Mortgage marketing - working with FSBO
Putting a sign rider outside the property with a QR code, 1-800 and property website URL on it will get potential home buyers calling you directly and asking for help and information.

FSBO's need:

  • Marketing materials to help them sell their house
  • Help pre-screening and pre-qualifying potential buyers
  • A trusted advisor to them during the process
  • Someone who can help with questions
  • Finding and Agent when their house doesn't sell
Example of a Single Property Site
Single Property Site example

FSBO Marketing - Key Features

  • Automate your Finance Options
  • Apply Banner-Ads across property sites
  • White Label presentation
  • White Label User Guides for your Agents
  • Agent self-registration forms
  • For one, or many LOs
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