SEO Features Accelerate your Own Mortgage Marketing

Optimized Property Websites help with your own SEO Goals.

Making Sure Properties get Found - and YOU get Found

Each Single Property Website that is published will be rapidly discovered and indexed by Google and other search engines.

All coding and visible aspects of the Property Website will have been automatically optimized for keywords relating to the property address. An automated Tweet will also be sent to announce your new property.

Within 24-36 hours a video of the property will have been automatically generated and published on YouTube too.

Backlinks to Your Website

Because each property website will have backlinks to your own personal website, the high ranking of many property sites helps with your own sites rankings.

Sold Sites Stay Live for free

As your marketing activity grows with more property websites, many of these will sell or go off the market.

One of the big advantages of MoreLoans4U is that when a property is marked as SOLD, it will stay published for free. This means that you will continue to get the benefit of a large and growing number of backlinks from all your SOLD properties as well as those that are FOR SALE.

SEO Benefits from Single Property Websites

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