Managing Your Incoming Leads – Where Do They Go?

By PaulEastwood / March 29, 2012 / Support Tips
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Mortgage Marketing LeadsOur lead distribution function automatically ensures the the correct person gets a real time alert, copies others too and tracks all leads in the Inquiries and Leads center.

When a lead is generated requesting information about a property, it is distributed as an SMS text alert and email to the Agent,l and is also put into the “Inquiries & Leads” section of the system dashboard.

If the property site has a Co-listing Agent, they will be copied through email along with the Loan Officer who is the Sponsor.

If the lead is a financing inquiry, then the sponsoring Loan Officer will receive an SMS text alert and email, and the lead will be put into the Inquiries & Leads database. The Agent will not be copied on financing lead text and email alerts.