What is the MoreLoans4U Mortgage Marketing Program?

By admin / March 29, 2012 / Support Tips
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MoreLoans4U Mortgage Marketing | Marketing for Loan Officers
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MoreLoans4U is the SPS Mortgage Marketing Program that sets you up with a special type of Account with the Single Property Sites real estate marketing service. This allows you or your LOs to present your own turn-key, high-value Real Estate Marketing Solution to help Real Estate Agents and FSBOs with their Real Estate Marketing. Its a way for you to co-market properties, and co-manage leads with Agents. Its branded as YOUR service.

You can offer REALTORs and FSBOs a complete Real Estate Marketing system to market their real estate listings. It’s all completely branded as your service! You can co-market every property and capture financing leads too.

With your own SPS Mortgage Marketing Account, you are able to use utilize the power of Single Property Sites to build relationships and partnerships with Real Estate professionals and FSBOs.

Prices start at $49 per month which allows you to support UNLIMITED agents or FSBOs. If you need to have more than 10 Property Websites LIVE then you will choose a higher membership level.

A single account can support multiple Branches and multiple Loan Officers too – each with their own login.

For Agents that are working to WIN listings, you can help ALL of them AT NO COST! This is called the FreeView™ and is a powerful method for Agents to impress Sellers and win the Listing.

The GOAL of the SPS Mortgage Marketing program is to help you BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with Realtors and FSBOs .. AND market loan services DIRECT to the buyer market – and generate leads for yourself!

See how it all works here.