Setting Up Your Branding and Business Information

Branding Your Service | Mortgage Marketing
Click "Branding Your Service" in the Helpful Shortcuts column of your user dashboard

Make our system all about YOU! Showcase your own branding and business name across all your property websites, email campaigns, and promotional materials.

To set up your own company’s branding options, simply click on the “Branding Your Service” link in the Helpful Shortcuts column. You will then be taken to the Service Branding Setup page.

The service branding setup wizard is an easy tool that will take you through all the necessary steps to set up your custom branding. It will take you through each of the following steps:

Service Domain:
You can set the domain name you want your customers to see when they login and use the Service. You can either choose to use our unbranded site domain at, or you can use your own domain (you will need to configure the DNS settings).

This is where you decide if you want to set up property address sub domains under your own domain. A sub domain is a domain that appears UNDER another domain. For example:

Setting up a new domain for all property address sub domains does not preclude you from getting a regular domain name for each property. For example, we have both and You can always get domain names for every property.

Also, you may establish one domain for your service such as, and use an entirely different name for all property address sub domains.

Business Name and Link:
Your business name and link will be used as website credits shown at the bottom of every property website. The link can go to a domain you set up in the previous steps, or any other website on the web.

Welcome and Help Text:
As part of preserving YOUR brand, when your Agents / Users / Clients login, we remove all the links to the Help and Reference normally shown in the footer of the management system. Therefore, use this field to display any instructions you want to show in the footer of each page, such as how to get help, etc. This can include HTML. You can also set up which page you want users to be redirected to upon signing out.

Branded Header:
You may upload any logo to show in the top section of the Management Area / admin area (system dashboard) when you and others access the service portal.

Personalize System Email Messages:
There are many automated system emails that get sent out from the system. For example, when a property site is turned on, lead alerts are sent, and so on. You can customize these emails to reflect YOUR branding so that these appear to come from YOU, not us!

Login and Registration Forms on your own website
Here you can copy and paste HTML code to your own website and allow users to register and/or login directly from your own web pages.

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