Home Mortgage applications are up!
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Face to face interaction in mortgage leads
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Showing a screen shot of facebook before you login.
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Guys sitting in a news room at typewriters. New york times
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Youtube logo in color on a film strip
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The word craigslist in 3d with attention over top.
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google friendly logo in lots of colors
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It’s week two of the government shutdown with many employees furloughed and trying to make ends meet while they wait for Congress to sort out the shutdown. Real estate agents are also being affected by the government shutdown. How are real estate agents affected by government shutdown? Many of the loan operations and...

Some blurry bar and pie charts on a computer next to a cup of coffee
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As a business owner you are always looking for great content to show off your products and services. After awhile you run out of ideas for new content and find yourself scouring the internet looking for more content that you can turn into your own. To help you get more ideas, here are four tips for great content marketing. Remember...