Why you should use YouTube

By PaulEastwood / November 26, 2013 / Marketing Tips
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Mortgage marketing is a difficult process, involving a lot of time and effort that you don’t always have. As social media becomes increasingly more important in the mortgage marketing world it is important to know how to utilize those tools as efficiently as possible. Let’s take a look at YouTube and see how you can use it to benefit you.

  1. You can use YouTube to showcase your skills. The great thing about YouTube is that it’s free, easy to use and fun to navigate. Once you get the process of setting up your video down you are going to be able to get creative in making videos that are enticing for your customers.
  2. YouTube has over one million people that share videos every day. That means your videos are going to be getting into the hands of users all over, sharing your videos and getting your name out there.
  3. You can easily embed your YouTube videos onto your website. Not only will this make it easily accessible for everybody but it is also going to increase your search engine rankings. Search engines love videos as they are great content to include into the ranking system.
  4. It’s easy. You can make a video 30 seconds long, getting the point across very quickly, and you’re done! Although blogging is efficient, sometimes you just don’t have the time needed to sit down and write out your blogs. Video content is just as efficient and effective.
  5. You become easy to recognize with videos. People will see your face, your brand and your image and be able to recall who you are a lot easier. This also helps to build trust for you!

These five reasons are just a few of the reasons why you should use YouTube in your social media and marketing techniques. It’s fast, easy and affordable. Your mortgage marketing is going to accomplish so much more when you include video in it.