Share the Cost with Your Agents

By PaulEastwood / April 11, 2012 / Support Tips
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MoreLoans4U Mortgage Marketing for Loan Officers
Set payment options for your Agents

As a Loan Officer who is working WITH Agents, there are many times when you want want to share the cost of marketing with those Agents. The MoreLoans4U Mortgage Marketing system allows you to do just that!

We provide a simple and efficient payment method via PayPal that allows YOU to decide whether or not you want to require Agents to pay. This cost-sharing system is also a great method for accepting payments from Agents to make sure you’re in compliance with any regulations.

The built-in system allows you to automatically charge Agents a nominal fee for every property they want to market with the service you are providing them. The system allows them to purchase “Tokens”, which they then use to turn on a single property site. By allowing them to purchase a certain amount of tokens, you can control how many sites they are allowed to activate.

You have complete control over this payment system, and it works on an individual basis for each Agent. If you want to give a certain Agent a “free-trial” to help persuade them to work with you, you can even give them a certain amount of free tokens!

How to access the payment system controls:

As the Master Account user, from your user dashboard click on the “Branding Your Service” link under the Helpful Shortcuts menu. On the next screen, you will see a section for Paypal Payments. You will see 3 links – Accept PayPal Payment, PayPal Payments Reports, and PayPal/Token System User Guide.

You can read about how the payment system works by opening the user guide, or simply click on the “Accept PayPal Payments” link and follow the on-screen instructions.