Posting Agent’s Property Listings to Craigslist

By PaulEastwood / March 29, 2012 / Support Tips
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Posting to Craigslist | Mortgage Marketing
Posting to Craigslist

Posting your Agent’s listings to Craigslist is a great way to provide them with more exposure and generate interest for their properties. There are a couple of way to access the Craigslist post option from your user account. You can get there by clicking the “Craigslist Posting Manager” link on your Manage Sites page under Marketing Tools, or you can navigate to “My Sites” list at the bottom of the Manage Sites page, click on the “Edit and Promote” link to the right of an active property, and click “Post to Craigslist”.

Auto Post

Click on the Auto Post button to begin the process of automatically generating and posting the HTML flyer code to the Craigslist account, which will then be available for others to see. (NOTE: You must be logged into your Craigslist account to auto post). Simply follow the instructions on each screen to set your preferences and design options.

Manual Post

If for any reason you experience difficulties with the auto post feature, or just prefer to manually post the HTML flyers yourself, simply click the blue manual post link instead of the green auto post button. There are two options at the top of the popup window that allow you to post the HTML flyer in either plain HTML or rich HTML. Simply follow the on screen instructions to successfully post the HTML flyer manually, or watch the above video for a full tutorial.

Please note!

Posting to Craigslist is tricky! If you attempt to circumvent their posting policies and rules then you will be blacklisted, or worse still – your listings will Ghosted which means you with “think” they are posted – but Craigslist will be just ignoring them.