Mortgage Marketing Ideas: Using Advertising Banners

By PaulEastwood / June 20, 2014 / Support Tips
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MoreLoans4U gives loan officers and lenders their own marketing banner campaigns for each of their team’s Single Property Sites!  Each Single Property Sites is equipped with a banner campaign option that mortgage professionals can utilize to advertise their services to new prospects of each listing’s Single Property Sites.

Mortgage Marketing Banner
Lenders and loan officers can upload their own customized banner ad, or they can use MoreLoans4U’s pre-made banner ads.

Mortgage Banner Ads LayoutCreating a banner ad campaign is  simple:  Loan Officers and lenders will create a new Marketing Banner Campaign; enter the duration of the campaign; add the graphics, landing pages for each banner pieces; then connect the Marketing Banner Campaign to a Single Property Website.  Mortgage marketing banners can also be added to the mobile version of the Single Property Website.

There are nine AD banner spaces that you can use for each listing’s property site.  And the option for measuring each campaign’s performance is available via Google Analytics.