Facebook for Business Marketing – How can I use it?

By PaulEastwood / January 27, 2014 / Marketing Tips
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How often do you post on your Facebook business page? Do you even have a Facebook business page? If not, do you use your personal page as a way to market your business?

These are all questions that you should have the answers to, specifically how often you post. You probably hear how important Facebook is for marketing all of the time, but do you know how you can utilize it specifically for your business?

First off, when you are using Facebook as a source to market your business you should have your page set up correctly. This means that your cover picture and profile picture are well designed and well thought out, as well as having all of your information properly displayed.

Once you have all of the necessities set up you can start to find your friends and add them. By adding your friends you are expanding your reach to their friends, and their friends’ friends, and so on. You can also run some Facebook ads to expand your reach even further to get to those that are in your target audience.

One very important step is to be on top of the game and continuously post. This is what gets to everybody because who has the time to post 3-4 times every day? If you take one day every week to plan out the whole week’s worth of posts and then schedule them (Facebook has that option for business pages) you will be able to manage a week’s worth of posts. These posts do not have to be related to your business; they can vary from current events, what’s going on with you, etc.

By posting regularly on your Facebook business page you are going to reach more of your potential clients and they will be more likely to remember you rather than all of the others that are seeking their business. Stay in touch with everybody by commenting on their updates and reminding them that you are there.

Facebook is as simple as that. It’s a tool that many people overlook because it can seem like it’s too much work. However, if you stay on top of what your clients and potential clients are doing you are going to stay in their mind longer and you will find yourself with more referrals coming in.

How do you use Facebook to market your business?