Face to Face Interaction in Mortgage Leads

By PaulEastwood / March 20, 2014 / Marketing Tips
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Face to face interaction in mortgage leadsIs there a secret to getting quality mortgage loan leads? Well, yes. Face to face interaction. Face to face interaction is still one of the most effective ways to get quality mortgage loan leads.

Although digital interaction puts us in the professional lexicon, it does not have the same effect as face to face interaction. Studies have shown that 55% of our communication is visual. We communicate more with our body language and facial expressions. And 80% of the time, this is how people will remember us. This is what is lacking with digital interaction; the ability to leave a lasting impression with our communications.

Many professionals that are networking online via social channels also lack the proper etiquette: introductions are optional, and after one is accepted into a network, no interaction is facilitated beyond the initial contact. What these professionals are creating, are countless, and countless of dead contacts: contacts that wouldn’t respond to any of your inquiries.

The importance of face to face interaction is also prevalent with mortgage professionals.  When it comes to financial investments, more and more people are likely to reach out  with someone that they know, or referred to by  a friend. And for a majority of people, they will most likely contact a professional in their network whom they’ve had a face to face interaction.  This further proves our point of the importance, and the efficacy of face to face interaction: Face to face interaction, creates a stronger connection between two people,  than online interaction.

Face to face interaction is still one of the  effective ways to generate mortgage loan leads.  How are you putting yourself out there in front of these potential clients?

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