New Feature: Capture More Mortgage Leads

By admin / January 30, 2012 / Announcements, Uncategorized
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Mortgage Marketing | MoreLoans4UAs every Loan Officer knows, capturing leads is a vital part of a successful mortgage marketing strategy.

As we continue to offer LOs some of the industry’s most innovative mortgage marketing tools, our Enhanced Lead Capture (ELC) system gives you a way to provide buyers with detailed information right on their mobile phone. Enhanced Lead Capture gives 1-800 call capture and SMS short code access at no additional charge to you.

This is another great added benefit that you can provide to Real Estate Agents in order to build relationships and dominate your lending market.

The MoreLoans4U Mortgage Marketing system provides you with an SMS short code, which is a number that buyers can send a text message to and receive a mobile version of a single property site flyer. Enhanced Lead Capture provides an unlimited SMS text service with no additional fees.

MoreLoans4U also provides a 1-800 call capture service to give buyers a number to call and listen to a custom, prerecorded message from you. Whether you want to provide potential buyers with more detailed information on a property, or even provide them with finance options, Enhanced Lead Capture allows you to do it.

When you have the ELC feature turned on for your account, each feature is automatically applied to all of your Agent’s single property sites as they are turned on. Each property will be assigned it’s own unique extension. You can even reassign an extension that you have previously used before.

These services make it simple for buyers to get property information on their mobile device, and allows you to effectively capture MORE LEADS.

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