Are you Google Friendly?

By PaulEastwood / October 23, 2013 / Marketing Tips
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As a real estate professional you are trying to keep track of all your listings, do your own marketing, gain leads, and have a life outside of work. Mortgage marketing is highly important to your efforts of being a successful loan officer or lender. Google can help you with your marketing by making you Google friendly. Here’s how:

google friendly

  1. Optimize your website. Optimizing means having key words in your website so that Google can “pick up” those key words and know how to properly identify your website. Otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, this is going to make it so that if someone Google’s those key words that you put into place you are going to rank higher at the top of the search.
  2. Claim your website. By “claiming” your website, your picture will show up next to the website, giving you a higher ranking in Google and Google will also recognize you as the owner of the website, giving you credentials.
  3. Engage on Google Plus. Google Plus also gives you more credentials, showing Google that you are the real deal. You can gain followers, add people to circles, and interact with those people. This not only helps with your website but it ties into social media and you can turn those people into leads and into sales.
  4. Use Google Places to get found on Google Search, Maps, Google Plus and mobile devices. It is an official business listing, providing a phone number and address on Google Maps. It’s basically a yellow page listing except on the Internet.


These are the fundamentals to making your business Google friendly. As you dive into mortgage marketing you do not want to forget about the simple steps you can take to ensure your audience is finding you on Google.