QR Codes for Mortgage Marketing: Market Property Listings and Capture Leads

Mortgage Marketing QR CodeMany mortgage marketing professionals have already been utilizing QR codes in their property marketing strategies for awhile, and have seen some great results. QR Codes are essentially funny looking barcodes that can be scanned using a free downloadable application on your smartphone. Upon scanning the QR code, the user is taken to a variety of destinations.

For Real Estate and Mortgage professionals it is a good idea to post QR codes on all of your offline marketing material including flyers, sign riders, etc. When someone scans your QR code they will then be taken to the mobile version of your listings site.

The MoreLoans4U mortgage marketing solution automatically creates a unique QR code for each of your property listings, which you can then use on all your marketing collateral. This will save you time and further integrate your real estate and property marketing strategy!

To further enhance our QR code feature, we updated the MoreLoans4U system so that the QR code generator for a property site can now create a reusable QR code if the property has an Enhanced Lead Capture extension assigned.

What this means is that MoreLoans4U now not only generates QR codes for you, but it also now creates materials and signs that can be re-used with different properties. For example if you order sign riders, then all of them can have the same re-usable QR codes.

Click the following links to download a free QR code reader to your smartphone:

Android users click here.

iPhone users click here.

Comment below and tell us some of the most creative uses of QR codes you’ve seen in mortgage marketing.

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