Mortgage Marketing for the New Year!

By PaulEastwood / January 5, 2016 / Feature, Marketing Tips
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As the year comes to a close you might be trying to think of what your hopes, goals and aspirations are for the upcoming year. Now is the time to be getting together a strong mortgage marketing plan for this new year so that you can maximize your marketing and reach your goals. Here are some ways to help you with your plans for this year’s mortgage marketing.

Make sure your goals are reachable goals!

mortgage-marketing-handbookGet organized before you can even start to think about your goals. There is nothing worse than having a million ideas in your head and nowhere to put them. Whether you are someone who likes to write out every thing on a piece of paper or type it up on the computer you are going to want to have a well organized space to do so.

Once you are all organized, think of the number one thing that you want to accomplish next year. It can be something extremely basic, such as wanting to develop a great marketing plan. Everybody that works for themselves should have a marketing plan that is utilized every single day. Maybe your goal is to get 10 new prospective clients over the entire year. Whatever it is, set one goal for the entire year and then research ways to reach that goal.

Come up with other little goals to help with your major goal. This could be something like going to more networking events, using Facebook as a business tool more efficiently or staying in touch with your current clients. Mortgage marketing can benefit from all of these things and knowing what your top goals are will help you to achieve them.

Make sure your goals are reachable goals. It’s like weight loss – you can’t set a goal to lose more weight than is feasible. If you set goals that are out of reach you will find yourself developing a pattern of failing at ALL of your mortgage marketing goals.

Make this year where you achieve the best mortgage marketing possible. This is the year to do it and to make it a successful year.